Successfully soliciting retail manufacturers for coupons

Some of my recent results from asking for coupons

Remember the saying, “It never hurts to ask”? Well, that applies to coupons too.

Contacting manufacturers about sending coupons can be quite rewarding.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here is what I’ve discovered about contacting manufacturers throughout the years I’ve been doing it:

  1. Be polite and make sure your message looks professional. (That means learning how to capitalize and punctuate correctly, folks.)
    1. Remember that the company doesn’t owe you anything unless you’ve purchased a faulty product. And don’t pretend you have purchased a faulty product. It won’t work.
  2. Be willing to receive coupons for any amount off, not just free products or samples.
  3. Don’t contact companies again and again. Most likely you will only get one letter with free coupons from contacting companies because your information is on record.
    1. However, you might score additional ones if you respond later about what you thought of the product and thanking the company for the coupons.

After learning some new tricks about how to use coupons from an inspirational blog, I decided to make a round online of all the manufacturers I had not previously contacted. In the past, I only contacted the ones whose products were ones that my boyfriend and I ate. In other words, healthy foods. But now I have a few different strategies to shopping and I need any coupon that might score free food/stuff for charities as well as an overage for me to purchase the healthier foods we eat.

Here’s a guide from the same guy who created the blog that probably explains this idea of contacting manufacturers better than I can. It also has links to a lot of different companies.

In case you’re curious, the approach I prefer to take when contacting companies is to let them know that I’m interested in their product but have a limited grocery budget and would really appreciate some coupons or free samples to help me afford to try out something I don’t normally purchase. It’s simple, direct and truthful. And I’ve always had great success, although there will always be some companies that reply back that they only give out coupons through inserts and occasionally on its website.

Oh! Another tip… if you’ve moved to a new address, I’ve found that you can often repeat messages to many companies that offer free samples or coupons. That might be a little unethical but I’ve done mainly for dog food/treats.

My puppy loves sample products and we are pretty regular consumers of the companies I’ve solicited multiple times. I figure that makes it okay, since I probably wouldn’t purchase the products without a coupon and a sale on that item. Healthy dog treats are suuuuper expensive!

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