Check me out in a new place.

Oh, my. I thought I left a link on here, forwarding any readers to the new blog.

… but I didn’t.

Sorry about that, guys! I’m now blogging in a new place, although it’s still with WordPress. My fiancé and I decided to blog together (although he rarely does and I’m monopolizing our blog) at If you’re interested in keeping up with my gardening and food adventures, check it out. I’ve got a lot of posts from the last couple months that involve neat urban homesteading topics, like growing container vegetables, baking sourdough from a live yeast culture and canning.


First attempt at a wheatgrass banana smoothie

My wheatgrass smoothie (and my matching planner)

I’ve been experimenting with fruit smoothies ever since my mom gave me an knock off of the Magic Bullet personal smoothie maker. Since I’m a big fan of Odswalla fruit juices, I thought I’d try to add some of the same ingredients they do, because making them at home is so much cheaper.

I started with carrots, which turned out fabulous. Because the blender I have isn’t a high-power one, I steamed the carrots first to soften them.

With the wheatgrass, I thought I’d give it a go without any steaming. I had a feeling it might turn out a little fiberous and it did. The taste is great, though. Definitely drinkable. My smoothie smells slightly like a freshly clipped lawn and mostly like bananas.

Here’s what I put in:

  • Handful of wheatgrass
  • One banana
  • Added high pulp orange juice until it reached just below the brim of the smoothie making container
  • The juice of 1/4 of a lemon

Then I blended and drank. I made one for my boyfriend, too. He tried to gross me out by saying the fibrous bits had the same consistency as dog hair. They do, but I still managed to drink the whole thing. Haha.

Next time I think I’ll throw the wheatgrass into the steamer for a minute to soften it up. Maybe that’ll work better while still offering plenty of nutritional value.

I made the newspaper!

My boyfriend, a higher education reporter for the local paper, wrote a first-person narrative about his experiences helping me in the garden.

It was featured in today’s paper. Check it out here. It’s going to be a series. So, there will be more to come, too! I’m pretty spazed about it.